Many people are dieting to lose weight. It seems that each time I go out to lunch with friends or family members; someone is on a weight loss program. I have tried my share of programs over the years to drop a few pounds here and there. A few years ago I needed to lose at least eight pounds to fit into a dress that I wanted to wear for a special occasion. I could get the dress zipped, but it was uncomfortable and it looked too tight. My husband wanted to lose a few pounds at the same time so we decided to go on the low carb diet, which was the craze at the time.

One of the most popular, filling snacks that you don’t need to refrigerate is beef jerky, and with so many mouth-watering flavors, we can see why it’s such a household staple now.


We both started losing weight immediately and we liked the amount of food that we were able to eat. We both like meats and cheeses. I bought a wide variety of cheeses and different low fat low sodium meats to take for lunches. For dinner we would have a protein along with a green leafy salad. For breakfast I made sure that we had boiled eggs in the fridge and the low carb cereal bars to take along for mid morning or afternoon snacks. My husband also had plenty of beef jerky in his desk to have as a snack. I liked to eat the beef jerky, but I was concerned about the amount of sodium.

One of the women I work with was impressed with the amount of weight I was losing. She asked me what diet I was following so I told her. She thought that her husband would be able to follow this also. She started bringing similar foods that I was for lunch. One day she gave me a recipe to make your own beef jerky. She knows that my husband does a great deal of hunting. She also had a beef jerky maker that she let me borrow. We made some and found that it tastes very good. You mix lean ground meat along with spices and then put the mixture through a press to form logs or strips, which ever you prefer. The mixture is then placed either in a dehydrator or in a low oven, until the meat is cooked and the moisture has cooked out.

We found that this was a great way to use the lean cuts of wild game that we had in the freezer. This made a nutritious and low fat snack that was much less expensive than buying the beef jerky in the stores. Also by making the snack yourself you can control the amount of sodium that goes in it as well as the spices used.