Incorporating more whole foods into your nightly dinner routine will make you feel more energized, plus there are plenty of ways to make something that’s good for you in the same time it takes to whip up a box of mac and cheese.


I love cooking. Cooking relaxes me, it soothes me, and it makes me feel capable. Not everyone is the same though. For some people, cooking and trying to decide what to cook just makes them feel anxious and stressed out. I know some people who dread the end of the day because it means that they have to try to decide what to feed their family. Many of them resort to convenient, packaged meals because it requires little thought. Let’s face it, we all do that once in awhile. But packaged meals don’t present the most healthy or balanced food options and using them on a regular basis is not the best idea. There are many dinner recipes that can take away the anxiety by presenting you with simple and easy meals.

Most family cooks are mainly concerned with finding fast and easy dinner recipes that the entire family will love. They’d prefer to come home at the end of the day and find a fully cooked meal on the table but that’s not overly realistic. What is realistic is the many recipes that can be found that will make your life easier. If you choose to buy a cook book (either in a book store or in one of the many online book stores), look for a book that uses simple ingredients that you would use everyday anyway. If you have no idea what cumin is, don’t buy “The Cumin Lover’s 100 Easy Dinner Recipes” book because they likely won’t be easy for you. I love to use my crock pot so I enjoy different crock pot recipe books or books that have an entire crock pot section.

If you are in a rush and need a dinner recipe using something specific – let’s say chicken breasts – there are many free recipes on line that can help you with your meal. Within only a couple minutes you can find recipes for several chicken dinners. In less than a minute I found a recipe for a chicken casserole (which I highly recommend because it means only one pot to wash afterwards!), chicken stir fry, and chicken fingers. All of these dinner recipes are easy to prepare and have a minimum number of ingredients.

While you are looking at dinner recipes, you’ll find other useful information online as well. You can find sites that will help you to plan meals (which sounds like a lot of work but will take away the need to look for recipes at the last minute), keep your kitchen sanitary, and prevent health risks.

Dinner recipes do not have to be extravagant or have a zillion ingredients. In fact, by finding about ten tried and true recipes, you can make your evenings simpler and more relaxed. Once you are comfortable with these recipes, you’ll soon be looking for more to challenge yourself with.