When we think of summer, we think of picnics, barbeques and fun family times. One favorite summertime food is potato salad. It has been around forever, and everyone will swear that they have the one “true” recipe for making this hearty salad. While everyone’s tastes are different, everyone can agree that a picnic without potato salad is like a trip to the beach without a Frisbee. With potatoes being the world’s leading vegetable crop, it is not surprising to learn that, on the average, one United States citizen consumes 140 pounds of potatoes in a single year. You can believe that Americans are not indulging in just baked potatoes alone; they are enjoying potato salad by the ton!

This meat-and-potato dish gets big flavor from a vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar and creamy tahini. That earthy mixture beautifully coats bacon and scallions that are then tossed with the mild chicken and creamy potatoes for a scrumptious, warm entree salad.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/warm-chicken-and-potato-salad-bacon-vinaigrette/17343/

There are numerous ways to make potato salad and thousands of recipes from which to choose. There are German, Italian, Caribbean Sweet, Deli and French versions all with their own special twist added to the recipe. Resourceful individuals will be able to even find a recipe for Soul Food potato salad. All potato salad has one thing in common of course, the potatoes. Some prefer to use red bliss potatoes, while others prefer to use chopped up baking potatoes.

There are a variety of different ingredients that can be used when you are preparing a big bowl to take to a picnic or for a day at the beach. Some common ingredients are eggs, celery, onions and pickles. Some of the more unique items that have been thrown into potato salad are corn, bacon, apples, sour cream, green beans, garlic and sugar.

The consistency of it varies as well. It truly depends on individual taste but many people swear by chunky potato salad, where the boiled potatoes are chopped into bite size chunks. Many gourmet restaurants and diners also serve a whipped version which can feature other vegetables as well as fragrant cheeses. Potato salad is enjoyed both hot as well as cold, and can be used as a side dish or enjoyed as a meal all by itself. Some chefs prefer to dress up their potato salad a bit with garnishes. Commonly used garnishes include parsley, scallions and sliced cherry tomatoes.

If the idea of getting into the kitchen and concocting your own bowl of this favorite is a bit overwhelming luckily it isn’t hard to find store bought versions. Most grocery stores now have deli sections which feature an array of almost homemade salads. You can buy a tub of potato salad there and dress it up with a few sprigs of parsley. No one will be the wiser that you didn’t spend hours making it. Your corner deli will also have a tasty version of potato salad for you to purchase.

No matter your preference: hot or cold, chunky or creamy, a tasty potato salad will always be a favorite among the masses. It makes a great side dish as well as a hearty midnight snack.