For a while, I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with my cooking. My husband began to put Tabasco sauce on just about everything that I made him for dinner. Either I was a bad cook, or his taste buds were getting worn out. I was relieved when he informed me that my cooking was fine (though that is still up for debate), it was just that he found a new way to enjoy some of the foods that he loves the most. The change is not in the basic taste of the food, but rather, it gives everything a kick.

Tabasco is quite possibly one of the most ubiquitous hot sauces in the world, found in bubbling pots of gumbo, dashed onto scrambled eggs from diners, and “borrowed” from Chipotle restaurants. It’s not too surprising the peppery hot sauce has found world domination, as its been produced since the late 1800s and therefore has had plenty of time to perfect its fiery recipe in Louisiana. 


Tabasco sauce is something that has been around for a long time. When we make hot wings in my house, this is what we use. I do love the taste of it, but I never really thought about putting it in any other foods that I make. It does not go well on lasagna, but I have to admit it makes a nice addition to a slice of pizza. You have to learn just how much Tabasco sauce you can handle, but after a while you figure it out. You can add just the right kick without making your meal something completely different than with which you started.

If you find that you love the taste of Tabasco sauce, you can find ways to add it to your menus without just dousing a meal once it is done. You can find subtle ways to add it to recipes. You may already use it when you make chili, but you may also find that you can add some Tabasco sauce when you want to add a little kick to your beef stew. It might work well with your ribs, and you can always add a little to your homemade pizza sauce to see if you like the finished results or not.

You can even come up with new recipes for Tabasco sauce. If you like hot wings, otherwise known as Buffalo wings, you can try to use that taste in new foods. Think about making hot wing pizza by using a Tabasco based sauce for your pizza and using chunks of chicken on the top of your cheese. It may be very good. You can also try using Tabasco sauce mixed with butter as a dip for many other types of chicken that you may serve to your family. If you look around, you may even find cookbooks and recipes that show you how to use this yummy sauce in a bunch of new ways.